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Stippling & Framework

SKU: 0002

Our Stippling & Framework is 100% function based.


*We will not do anything that compromises the durability of your frame. (ie. recessed borders, high undercuts, or chopped & filled backstraps).


$250 Flat Rate Stippling You pick your desired Frame Modifications (Insert in specified box below).


  • Looking to start your next build? You can choose purchase a NEW OEM frame for $100.
  • Have the frame cerakoted for $70 for a 2-tone look.  
  • You have the option to have our logo included or excluded on the left side of the frame at no additional cost.
  • If you choose to have the frame cerakoted with our logo, it will be cerakoted as well. 


Our current turnaround time on Stippling is 10 business days from receiving your frame.

Need a New OEM Stripped Frame?
Cerakote the Frame?
Add our Logo?
  • What Texture is best for you?


    • Our LEAST aggressive texture suitable for constant contact on the skin.


    • Comfortable MEDIUM grip texture perfect for constant shooting.


    • Classy texture that depending on Polymer, ranges from MEDIUM to AGGRESSIVE.


    • The Crusader is a MEDIUM to HIGH (yet comfortable) texture, great for medium to large sized frames.

    Basket Weave

    • For a clean looking MEDIUM grit, Basket Weave is an excellent choice especially with removed fingergrooves. 


    • Asphalt is a SUPER GRIT, and our most aggressive texture used primarily on competition guns. 

    • Frames are able to be dropped off at our shop in San Antonio or shipped once approved by us. 
    • All Frames will be returned via the same method they arrived (in store or shipped)