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The Stiletto

SKU: 0001

sti·let·to / stəˈledō / noun 1. A short dagger with a tapering blade.


We designed the Stiletto to be a true Performance Upgrade for your Glock made to use with only OEM internals, at a reasonable price without sacrificing features.


The Stiletto is specific to the Model & Gen of your Glock and is made to be used with factory Glock Frames, Springs, & Connectors.

  • Tech Specs

    • The Stiletto’s Large Flat Face with serrations adds texture while providing a comfortable fit that offers 43% more room vs. OEM.
    • Our enlarged safety provides 3x the surface area of an OEM & is placed in the center of the trigger face allowing it to be deactivated regardless of a high or low finger placement.
    • When used with OEM internals, the Stiletto provides a 2.75-3.5lbs (gen/model dependent) medium take-up with a hard wall, that allows you to acquire the correct sight picture and fire with minimal additional movement or pressure.
    • The Stiletto is made from various Premium / Exotic materials & is placed on a Polished OEM Trigger Bar.



    *The Stiletto is made 100% In-House with only 50 being sold per month. These are assembled & shipped as they are ordered generally within 5 business days.

    **Emails are sent to those on our SUBSCRIBER LIST once the Stiletto's are available on our website.